Last week-end was the Made In Asia convention in Brussels. While I was much too busy to take a look at what the other exposers had to show, it has been a really great (but exhausting) week-end for me and the other belgian independant game developers. I definitely received nothing but positive feedback from the people who tried Healer Quest. Lost Spirits of Kael’s trailer got a lot of attention too, despite our playable demo that was far from polished.

Healer Quest trailer was even featured on the belgian television’s main news show at 7PM for about 10 seconds!

So now I try to polish the game a little bit more. People discovered a few minor bugs that are already history, but more importantly I worked on stability. I also need to rethink some part of my monetization to make the free to play experience less hardcore.

The final stage of development is over, but Healer Quest is still not available. My previous build was refused by Apple due to a problem with Game Center, so I’ve removed this feature temporarilly to be able to check if the shop is working. Finger crossed that it will! I’m still hoping for a release half march if everything is right, but it will mostly depend on Apple’s approval timing. :-/

The latest Healer Quest version is on its way to Apple submission process. This may take a few days, so release will probably be slightly delayed to first part of march 2015. In the meantime, I’ve started working on marketing and press releases. Definitely not my favourite part of development to write press releases, but it’s always very exciting to talk about my work with game journalists.

I can also announce that I will be present in the Made In Asia convention in Brussels february 13th, 14th and 15th to present Healer Quest and Lost Spirits of Kael. Come say hello!

Pablo Coma

Healer Quest is getting ready to release in a few days on Android and hopefully iOS (still need Apple’s approval). The game now features leaderboards and achievements, better balance, the ability to surrender and to pause the game, less bugs (unlimited invulnerability, anyone?), and most importantly, you will be able to play it 100% for free! A few days ago you needed to pay to unlock a key after 17 free levels or stop playing. But in the final release, completing every available level with all allies alive will allow you to continue playing for free! I hope this is good news for the players.


Pablo Coma

Despite Healer Quest’s release being next month, I just added some major features to the game, based on beta testers’ feedback. All the spells have now an experience system : the more you use them, the more powerful they’ll become. Of course I had to tweak the game’s balance and difficulty too. The game is again in the hands of the beta testers. It’s still possible to join the closed beta if you’re interested, or if you want to preview the game ! Just drop me an email.

Upgrade your spells by making them gain experience points

Spells now gain experience points and levels

Rablo Games wishes you all a happy new year ! May all your dreams come true in 2015 !

Whilst I was busy working on Healer Quest (see previous post), Bill has done tremendous work on Lost Spirits of Kael’s engine. He was forced to rewrite a massive part of the code in july, which explains why the game has been delayed. But now it’s done, and the project has really taken off! We now have our level editor ready to start implementing the scenes’ datas into the game! :)

We also participate in the Monaco game contest (MAGIC convention), which will reward the winner with €100.000! Our milestone for it is to have a first basic playable demo for january 25th.

Wish us good luck !

Pablo Coma

Hi !

Rablo Games website has been very silent lastly, but it’s about to change ! We were working hard and were fully concentrated on our projects.

First and foremost it’s about time to introduce Healer Quest, which will be the first game officially released by Rablo Games. While Bill worked hard on the tools which will allow us to develop Lost Spirits of Kael, I (Pablo) developed a smaller mobile game on my own.


Check out the Healer Quest page to find more about the game.

Please take a look at the game’s trailer, and feel free to share it.

You can also already listen to or download Healer Quest’s full OST .


Great news about Lost Spirits of Kael will arrive next week !

Pablo Coma


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