Autumn Leaves, the Fallout : New Vegas mod for which I signed the OST, will be live in a few hours. You can play it for free if you have the original game :

You can also download the OST for free on bandcamp :
Enjoy! :)

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Finally, Healer Quest is available! Worldwide, for free, on iOS and Android. :)

Here are the links. Have fun! :)

Google Play Store :
App Store :

And if you like the soundtrack of the game, you can also download or listen to it here :

Healer Quest will release worldwide tomorrow : tuesday june 9th 2015. Get your devices ready folks! :)

Here are the download links already :

Google Play Store :
App Store :

Nearly there!

This has been quite long… A first submission that has been rejected, then a new submission that has been pending approval for as long as 15 days, but today Healer Quest finally got Apple’s approval! :)

I’ll quickly check that the game runs properly, then it will be time to announce the official release date. Somewhat tricky, as E3 is dangerously approaching, but I still hope to be able to release at the beginning of next week.

Yup, you read it right! I fixed today the last bug that was stopping me from releasing the game for the past 2 months! I can’t believe it! Everything seems to work perfectly, so the build has been submitted to Apple, and the game will release worldwide on Android and iOS shortly afterwards. It should happen before the end of this month!

To help you wait until there, here is the animated title screen and main theme of Healer Quest.

Boss Fight !

As every good Medieval Fantasy game, Healer Quest will feature a DRAGON as one of it’s boss fight.
But this dragon is … special!

Get ready folks, release is approaching! iOS In-App Purchases are the very last things I need to fix, by now! :)



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