Nearly there!

Hi everyone, In less than 24 hours, Healer’s Quest will be live on Kickstarter! Can you imagine how I feel now? I’m not a well-known game developer, so I will definitely need your help to go through this. In a nutshell, success would mean that I will be able to live my dream : be […]

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Let’s Heal the World!

Hi everyone, It’s a little bit hard to start giving you news about my game without mentionning the horrible attacks my country (Belgium) has been through these last days. I sometimes really feel like the world has become crazy, and I’m very happy to be working on a game where you should heal people and […]

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I’m on Twitch!

Hi, Today I have some great news for you if you want to follow Healer’s Quest development! I started to stream some of my game development sessions. It’s often the really early ones (before 6 AM) when my family is still sleeping, with the funny name “Wakeup-Gamedev”, as I get to work before even taking […]

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Belgian Game Awards

Hey everyone, I’m glad you’re here, let me tell you about the latest news on Healer’s Quest development! 🙂 Before anything, it was the first Belgian Game Awards this week-end. I was nominated for the Fresh Talent Prize but the winner has been my good friends at Haunted Tie, with their awesome game Domiverse. Congrats […]

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